How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpets?

In our lives, we have all encountered such a moment: you’re painting your nails and you accidentally bump the table. What do you do with polish all over the carpet? Unfortunately, the carpet isn’t ruined, but you still have a chance to save it if you act quick.


Tips for removing nail polish from carpet


For New Stains

You should immediately clean up spilt nail polish if it has already set. Otherwise, it will be harder to get out.

If you have excess nail polish on your hands, blot up the spill with a paper towel until it is clean. Then, scrape off as much as possible with a dull knife or spoon.

The nail polish will not come out if you use a non-oily nail polish remover, or you can use rubbing alcohol to blot the stain again and again until no more nail polish is visible. If you use the products – such as nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol – be sure to use them sparingly.


For Older Stains

There is still a chance you will get rid of the stain, even if you didn’t notice it immediately after spilling.

Use Goo-Gone or similar products. Apply it to a cloth only (not directly to the carpet). Dab the stain and blot it until it dries. Repeat as needed. Gloves are advised.

You can trim the fibers of the dried polish off from the surface with scissors if it’s only on the surface. It is possible to blend the area after light trimming by gently trimming the surrounding areas.


How to clean general spots

The best way to get rid of carpet stains is with hydrogen peroxide from a brown bottle (3% concentration) and a cloth.



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