How Long Does A Carpet Stay Wet After Steam Cleaning

How Long Does A Carpet Stay Wet After Steam Cleaning?

For steam cleaning to be fully dried, it takes between 8 and 24 hours. However, traditional steam cleaning methods use massive amounts of water since they are dependent on soaps and shampoos and therefore require a long period of time for the carpet to be dry. A modern carpet-cleaning solution like Powered Water is a patented cleaning solution that uses electrolyzed and oxidized water to clean without soaking carpets, reducing drying time. As the only Carpet Cleaning Sanford, NC company using Powered Water, we have received the highest possible cleaning rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute, known as the platinum certification.

Many factors play a role, but the most important thing is to choose a cleaning company you trust. The types of equipment and methods used by different companies for steam cleaning carpets will differ, as may be the levels of expertise of the employees. 

Despite the fact that nobody enjoys walking around on wet carpet, there is also the risk of peculiar odors emanating from wet fibers. Any homeowner with substantial carpeting would be in a nightmare situation.

Think about professionals like us, who use industry-leading steam cleaning equipment that runs in a continuous cycle. The entire fiber of the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, along with soil, bacteria, and any excess water, resulting in a truly clean carpet. 

By using this method, you are receiving a clean carpet that is not soaking wet. A carpet dryer is usually used to achieve maximum dryness. Even the toughest carpets can be dried quickly and efficiently with this method.

Cleaning carpets without these floor coverings can feel very foreign to a homeowner who has never had them around. Getting them cleaned and dried as quickly as possible, and getting them back on your floors, is the goal. That can only be achieved through using the best equipment and procedures professionals and experts can contribute, and you should only consider them.


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